Super-Fast Transcripts. 99% Accurate. 100% Guaranteed.

Transcription team

Our super-fast and accurate transcriptionists have a mix of BS, BA, MS, MA, JD, and/or PhD degrees.  We have the largest well-educated, culturally diverse, and intellectually curious transcribing team of any service, anywhere!


Incredibly fast turnaround on all transcription projects.  It’s true, we’ve been beating unreasonable deadlines since 1966!

No surcharges on anything

Not rush service, multiple speakers, poor quality audio, verbatim levels, timecoding, etc.

Servicing academia and professional organizations, governmental agencies and military detachments, businesses and individuals who require QUICK turnaround of HIGH QUALITY transcripts that serve as a basis for numerous uses such as research, archival histories, published material (print and web), television, film, and radio.