Chosen to Transcribe Six U.S. Presidential Oral Histories

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This is the reason top . . .

  • Academic Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • Financial Organizations
  • Archival Communities
  • Oral Historians
  • Foundations

. . . have called on the
Audio Transcription Center
for their most challenging projects since 1966.

Audio Transcription Center has an unparalleled reputation
built over 50 years of experience and service.


Our clientele understands the importance of balancing speed with the delivery of a 99% accurate transcript. Fast isn’t meaningful if a transcript isn’t accurate, and we stand behind that with our 100% guarantee of complete satisfaction.


We are forensic and archival transcription experts; meaning we understand the importance of incorporating extra levels of detail to each transcript that other services overlook. We continue to be the industry leader in accurate and fast human transcription services, because human ingenuity and brain power still provide a transcript that is superior to artificial intelligence.


We recruit and maintain an exceptional staff of over 100 highly qualified transcriptionists who type a minimum of 80 wpm with an accuracy rate of 99%. Accuracy is a necessity, and clients know they’ll always get the most from our diverse and knowledgeable transcriptionists who are custom-matched to each of their projects. These awesome people bring their varied and unique life experiences to each recording they’re transcribing. In addition, each transcript is individually reviewed by a member of our highly-experienced Production Team, who each offer personalized, dedicated, and professional service.

★ Customer Requests Expertly Handled ★

The StoryCorps project —

for whom we’ve transcribed thousands of interviews embodying the very fabric of the American experience, offered us this kudo:

“While they do come in just short of infallible, it’s such a rarity that they get anything wrong, despite sending them every known accent, Anglophone dialect, content area, and rate of speech.”

A prolific seminary institution —

for whom we mobilized a dedicated team of theological experts to transcribe over 1600 hours of recordings in just 3 months, provided us with this depiction of the importance of human ingenuity:

“The insufficient quality of computer-generated transcriptions led us to explore options for manual transcription, and after researching and obtaining recommendations from specialists, we selected the Audio Transcription Center, based on their reputation in the industry, track record of accuracy, and practice of contracting transcribers with subject knowledge suiting their specific nature of the material.

They demonstrate the research value of highly accurate transcriptions, especially when multiplied across thousands of recordings.”

Judith Bishop

a two time Associated Press Award winner, provided this appreciation of the importance of speed and accuracy:

“I turned to Michael Sesling and his Audio Transcription Center team to provide verbatim transcripts. Throughout my career at WABC, PBS, CNBC and NPR, I used other transcription services in New York City and Miami where I was based. They did a good job, but Michael and his team did an excellent job! The transcripts were accurate, the turnarounds were quick, and the price was right.”

★ Nothing about our intelligence is artificial ★

These might be insurmountable problems for other services, but they’re our team’s bread and butter:

  • Difficult Spelling
  • Accents
  • Grammar
  • Detailed Formatting
  • Poor Quality Audio
  • Multiple Voices and
  • Overlapping Dialogue
  • Punctuation
  • Difficult Vocabulary
  • Speaker Attribution

We are humans, ready to produce transcripts quickly without compromising accuracy providing 100% satisfaction, guaranteed – no ifs, ands, or buts!