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We are a fast and top-quality transcription service for books, interviews, oral histories, market research, military histories, legal, academic, and archival content in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Japanese, among others.


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Certified Transcripts

For legal use such as official court proceedings, municipal, state, and federal hearings, police witness interrogations, 911 recordings, and recorded depositions.


Also known as timestamping, it offers a quick reference point to find a spot in a transcript and sync it up with the audio or video file being transcribed.

Foreign Languages

We transcribe English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, German, French, Hebrew, Italian, Romanian, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese, among others.

Multiple Speakers

Are there more than two speakers? No problem! We transcribe a wide range of multi-speaker recordings for legal matters, conferences, phone calls, focus groups, and hearings.

Special Formats

Digital/analog formats, streaming video/audio, conversion of virtually any format of audio/video, DVDs, videos with onscreen timecodes or b-roll descriptions, verbatim clean up, and more.


A quick reference point to find keywords in a transcript. It is commonly used in legal transcripts for courtroom hearings, in research material, or when syncing up text to a video.


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Over 50 Years of Experience

We’re a small boutique business doing large project transcription. Sandy Poritzky founded the firm in 1966 as a staffing agency, and a transcription service grew out of necessity.  Sandy prides himself on quality first, which has been crucial to the integrity of the transcription business since its founding.


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