What technical support is offered for transcribing a wide range of digital and analog formats?

A transcription company’s technical capabilities can be just as important as its transcribing experience.  Consider the following :

  • Can the transcription company offer high quality conversion of any commonly used digital formats including .wav, MP3, Real, and QuickTime?
  • Does the company transcribe video from analog sources such as VHS, and digital sources such as MiniDV or DVD?
  • Can the transcription company provide resources for complete conversion and transcription of reel-to-reel audio tapes?

There may be occasions when you’ve made every effort to ensure the best possible recording, but for whatever reason, something went wrong. Does the transcription service clean up poorly recorded sound so that it can be transcribed?

Perhaps you would like to have your recorded content digitized. Does the company provide digital files of your analog/video tapes for use in streaming over the internet, distribution on CD-ROM, or simply for ease of accessibility? Are they capable of creating an archival copy of your audio?