Contracting (Freelance)

Who we’re looking for:

We are looking for fast typists (minimum of 75 wpm), quick turnaround (generally within 24 hours for an hour-long file, or capability for same-day turnaround is a definite plus), and very high accuracy. Completed transcripts should be spell-checked and free of errors in formatting, punctuation, etc. Names and terms should be verified whenever possible via brief internet research. Much of the work we do is for archives, so these transcripts will become part of the historical record and need to be of high quality to reflect that permanence.

Independent contractors should be living outside the Greater Boston Metro area.

As such, we’re looking for more than mere typists — we want people who use context and background knowledge to make educated guesses and who employ punctuation to help convey the intended meaning and aid readability. You need strong language, style, and punctuation skills, and the ability and willingness to follow our in-house style manual as well as project-specific instructions (and to keep those straight from any other formatting/style guides from your other projects). It helps if you have a wide range of interests or educational experiences, as the subject matter varies widely, and it’s easier to understand the flow of conversation when you have some context for what is being discussed.

Our projects have a variety of guidelines, so flexibility is appreciated. Some projects will come with templates, names lists, or detailed instructions. Some require timecoding every minute or every answer. Some are completely verbatim and some are “modified” verbatim (cleaning up disfluencies like um, uh, excessive you knows, and interviewer prompts like mm-hmm).

Equipment, etc.:

A reliable internet connection is a must. ATC sends project files via Dropbox links, so no special FTP setup is necessary.

ATC primarily interacts with contractors via email, and for confidentiality reasons, we require that you use an email address that no one else has access to.

Transcripts should be returned to ATC as .doc files. You are not strictly required to use Microsoft Word; you can also use Open Office or some other program that has the capability to save as a .doc file as long as the formatting requirements are met and the functionality of the end product is indistinguishable from a document completed in Word.

ATC highly recommends the use of transcription software controlled via hotkeys or a foot pedal, and the use of good-quality headphones to cut down on ambient noise while you are transcribing.

How do I get hired as a transcriber?

It’s simple. Simply email to

  1. A thorough and  up-to-date resume  and attach as a PDF
  2. A thoughtful and relevant cover letter and attach as a PDF
  3. Additionally, take a screenshot and attach it to your application email (don’t paste it into the body) of the results from a typing test that meet our minimum requirements (75 wpm with 98% accuracy): Go to and complete one of the three-minute typing tests.