Equipment & Resources

I’m conducting interviews and recording focus group sessions, and I need a recording device. What do you suggest I purchase that gives me the most bang for my buck?

While we do not personally check each recording device on the market, we do chat with our existing clients, and do our best to read up on the latest products available on the market. We do recommend you complete your due diligence by reviewing blogs, websites, and reading reviews on websites where you are able to purchase equipment. Additionally, check out the listserv’s of different organizations, and see what the people are saying. You’d be amazed at how quickly people reply to posts with questions about which devices to use, and also how to use them.

Whatever the device, we do recommend spending a bit more on your recording device, so that you’ll hopefully save dollars on transcription in the long term. Additionally, if you’re able, we also recommend that you purchase an external microphone.

We recommend the following resources to begin your equipment search.