5 Advantages of Outsourcing Transcription Services

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From market research organizations and financial institutions to television production companies, universities, and legal firms, a wide range of organizations require transcription services. At first glance, it would seem that outsourcing transcription services would either add to costs or decrease your company efficiencies. Not true. Let’s take a look at 5 advantages that outsourced transcription services can bring to your organization.

1. Free time to grow the business

Doing in-house transcription is time-consuming and most employees have skills that are better suited to other activities. By outsourcing this task, you or those persons who were previously in charge of transcription can focus on responsibilities that are more profitable.

2. Save time, effort, and resources:

When you hire a transcription service, you don’t have to pay fixed salaries and benefits to employees. You will also save on office space, furniture, computer, electricity, and training. On the other hand, keeping at least two or more dedicated in-house transcriptionists to work on the volume when needed is an expensive option, and they will be underused once the volume decreases.

3. Access to experienced staff

Transcription companies are experts in transcribing audio to text. They can even match the transcriptionist knowledge to your subject so that you receive quality transcripts within a short period of time. Using less experienced in-house staff can result in inaccuracies and delivery delays. Let’s face it, transcription work is not the most popular job in an office.

4. Reduce burden on HR

Outsourcing is easier because your HR department will spend less time hiring, training, and supervising employees. Also, they don´t have to worry about hiring staff when transcriptionists leave, which leaves free time to focus on other important tasks.

5. Customer support and help

Avoid the stress and the hassle of dealing with in-house transcription issues. A transcription service provider will answer your questions promptly and solve any issues you may have so you can get a top-quality and accurate transcript.

These advantages make outsourcing transcription a key component of an organization’s strategy for growth. To make the most of them, choose a transcription service that prides itself in quality first, and has many years of experience. Leave the price as the third factor, because lower transcription rates will not necessarily translate to lower costs. Think of all the time you will lose cleaning up poorly transcribed material.
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