StoryCorps – Eat, Drink, Be Merry, and Record?

Eat drink be merry and record - Audio Transcription Center Blog

Holidays offer a perfect time for family to reminisce, and possibly to pass those rather embarrassing family stories around the holiday table along with helpings of stuffing and mashed potatoes.  This year though, make sure to grab a recording device (digital recorder, iPhone, video camera — there are so many options), ask questions you’ve always wondered about the answers to, and listen to the stories while you have the chance.

StoryCorps’s app is the perfect excuse to not just talk, but to capture your loved ones’ stories for yourself and future generations. It’s simple and easy to use, offers you the ability to also listen to other stories, and will be a family gift to read and listen to for generations.

Hopefully there’s a story that will suddenly be remembered, and you’ll be thankful you hit the record button!

In full disclosure, the Audio Transcription Center has partnered with StoryCorps on transcription of their audio recordings for their published books Listening is an Act of LoveAll There IsTies that Bind, and Mom, which we are humbled and proud to have participated in.

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