Rain, sleet, or “Snowpocalypse,” ATC is here for all your transcription needs!

Rain, sleet, or Snowpocalypse - ATC Blog

Winter Storm Juno or “Snowpocalypse” is arriving in the northeast with a vengeance overnight tonight, so we’re preparing for the worst while still handling all of your transcription needs to the best of our abilities!

Team ATC is ready to make sure your audio and video content aren’t buried beneath the snowdrifts or blown away in the 50+ mph blizzard-like winds.

If you have a RUSH need today, call (617) 423 – 2151 with any needs as early as possible to make sure we can sneak in a project before we leave today!

Thanks to the latest advances in weather forecasting and the Internet, our team is able to “virtually” keep your projects moving (for those projects that allow such work to leave the cozy confines of our downtown Boston World Headquarters).

ATC’s Boston office will remain open TODAY, Monday, January 26, 2015 until 5 p.m. EST (unless we follow up later that we needed to shut down early),  but tomorrow (and possibly Wednesday – I really hope not) we need to wait and see if the weather allows us to make it in.

We’ll be available virtually via email production@audiotranscriptioncenter.com. 

Our virtual team will be able to keep your important projects moving, and we’ll email them back to you as we’re able.

For those of you in the blizzard’s path, please stay safe, and we will post any updates here to the blog as needed.

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