‘Twas Just Before the Holidays

Twas Just Before the Holidays - ATC Blog

‘Twas just before the holidays, and all through ATC
Fingers were clicking, and clacking with glee.

The production staff was dancing in the office beware

As transcriptionists balanced speed and accuracy with care.

With outside temperatures dropping too quickly
We put sanitizer on desks as not to be sickly.
We have deadlines that need not be met but exceeded
So healthy transcriptionists are typing when needed.
And from chairs at their desks the staff listened away
Over and over again they rewound and hit play.
Listening to personal stories is great

Especially oral histories from the Aloha State.

We love audio that is a transcription snap
But we find some recordings all over the map.
Our clients stem from all corners of the globe
And send audio to stimulate the temporal lobe.
I offer reminders to our clients today
We’ve been transcribing over 44 years I say.
We hire staff from the Boston/Cambridge ‘Brain Corridor’
So remember transcription work is better here than off-shore!
Wishing everyone a very happy holiday season and new year!

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