We’re not your mother’s transcription service

We’re not your mother’s transcription service - ATC Blog
As we talked about earlier this month, the cassette tapes and reels are just about gone.  Typewriters, of course, have all but completely disappeared (although we do keep one in the backroom just in case of all-out digital failure/crash, call us prepared/paranoid).  And don’t even get Sandy, our very old president, started about the ol’ cylinder Dictaphones



But it’s not just the difference in technology that separates the Audio Transcription Center from the transcription services of yore (mother’s days).  It’s our attitude towards the business and our firm belief that we are only as good as the people we employ.

We strive to be more than just an office where an army of anonymous typists sit and click out transcripts day after day in stuffy cubicles.

Sure, we have a large staff (100 plus!) who all can type a minimum of 75 WPM, and who seem to work tirelessly at our 15 workstations, 24/7/365.  And, okay, there might be some cubicle-esque work areas here… but that’s where the similarities end.


But what we continually take pride in is that all of our staff members have so much more to offer than just speed, accuracy, and efficiency.  They’re brainiacs, to be honest.  At any given time, we employ some of the best and brightest transcriptionists with degrees ranging from BAs, to JD, to PhDs.  To use a classic Sandy-ism, “Since when do Boston’s PhDs have to give up eating?”

Not only do our transcriptionists come to us well-educated (and usually hungry), they also come from a myriad of social and ethnic backgrounds with knowledge sets ranging from science and tech, to popular culture, to art history, to finance, to law, and more.

Working with this large and diverse pool of knowledge and talent allows us to custom match transcription projects to just the right person (or people) for the job.

Add that all together with our ability to handle pretty much any audio file, our streamlined work flow and digital workstations, and that’s what gives us the confidence to offer:

  • Incredibly fast (like blazing) project turnaround
  • 100% Quality Guarantee (or your money back)
  •  Rush service at no extra charge (ever!)


Well, when it comes to transcription at least. And we certainly think we’d all look pretty sharp in capes…

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