New Name. New Website. TTC is now ATC.

TTC is now ATC - ATC Blog
The times they have a-changed…

And so have our clients’ needs…

And so have we…

The Tape Transcription Center is now…

here it comes…



For over 40 (32 of which have been in this lovely building across from Boston Common) years we’ve done business under the Tape Transcription banner, a name that aptly described what was once our basic service.  But the fact is, in 2010, with the world almost completely digitally revolutionized, we now work with audio (and even video!) formats no one had even dreamed of back when Sandy Poritzky set up shop in 1966.

Tapes?  What the hell happened to tapes?

MP3?  WAV?  DSS?  AVI?  As technology has evolved and grown exponentially over the last decade, so have audio formats, the way we receive and transcribe them, and how we return completed work back to our clients.

Just five years ago, roughly 80% of our work came in on analog tapes.  Flash forward to the present, and we have nearly 96% of the audio we transcribe coming to us in digital formats, most of it uploaded to us directly.  No postage fees, no waiting for delivery to start a job, no chance of loss or damage during shipment.  In turn, our already supernatural ability to meet or beat tight turnaround times has been upped by a full 40%.

But still, sometimes we almost kind of miss the holiday-like excitement of opening all of those big, clunky packages stuffed with reels or cassettes.  Almost. In fact, Sandy still buys lunch for the office to commemorate the anniversary of the day we received over 400 oral history cassettes in one delivery.

Audio instead of Tapes.  Got it.  

But how will I find you on the vast World Wide Web?

So glad you asked!  In conjunction with the change to a new name, we are excited to announce the launch of our snazzily revamped website at a brand new URL:
But what about all the good stuff TTC always offered?

Sure, our name has changed, but the way we approach our business hasn’t.
  • Our stock and trade is still the largest team of highly educated, culturally diverse and intellectually curious transcriptionists of any service, anywhere.
  • We still specialize in beating unreasonable deadlines.
  • We still never charge extra for rush jobs.
  • And of course, we still transcribe from tapes.

What hasn’t changed is probably best summed up by this email Patrick received from a client just last week:

“Thank you for being so great and accommodating.  We refer people to you all the time, particularly since you’ve been so good about dealing with our craziness.”

  • We still thrive on craziness.

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